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Vasco Portrait, Director Portrait

Vasco Viana

Director + Acting Coach

About Us

Sizzle Real Academy began in 2022 as a pilot program in called Acting for Ukraine, a special program that welcomed Ukrainian refugees to learn the art of acting on camera.

Cinematographer Sean Patterson operating a cinema camera

Sean Patterson

Executive Director

What is Sizzle Real Academy?

Sizzle Real Academy is an extra-curricular program for English-speaking students in the Czech Republic to experience the art of media production in the 21st century. The Academy provides learning opportunities to Czech students interested in Film and TV, who may want to enter the industry, and provides real-world and theoretical experience in the pre-production, production, and post-production stages of content development.

The courses will be hybrid online and offline, ungraded, with a certificate awarded for participation.  

Sizzle Real Academy will hold classes on weekends for 9 weekends per cohort. We plan one cohort for calendar year 2024. 

Class size is limited to 11-25 participants from around Czech Republic per cohort.

Students will be required to attend offline classes in Prague. Where possible, a school appoints a liaison (teacher/parents) to facilitate and accompany students during offline lessons. Students can expect over 100 hours of instruction over 18 sessions.

  • Story development and analysis
  • TV vs. Film
  • Social Media
  • Acting
  • Cinematography
  • Lighting
  • Sound recording
  • Costume/Makeup/Hair design
  • Producing & budgeting
  • Selling, promotion, & distribution
  • Post-production
    • Equipment
    • Editing
    • CGI
    • Coloring
    • Sound Design
    • Sound Editing
    • Exporting & distribution

Learning Modules

Students will learn: 

  • Terminology
  • Processes & procedures 
  • Develop a network

…with the help of active industry professionals.

Best of all, Sizzle Real Academy will help you decide whether a career in film and television might be the right choice for you!

The Sizzle Real Academy Summer 2024 program begins on August 3, 2024 and will run only on weekends for 9 weeks (Saturdays and Sundays).


Online classes:

  • August 3 & 4


Offline classes:

  • August X & Y

Program Schedule

Students should have access to: 

  • a laptop (with Zoom software installed);
  • high-speed internet;
  • modern smartphone;
  • and a strong desire to explore and  learn!
Students should reside in the Czech Republic and attend a Czech school.
Note: presently, we are accepting applications only from persons 18-19 years of age.

Applying for the program is also free of charge! 

Thanks to grants from our sponsors, our tuition is FREE. However, because of limited sponsorship funding, we do ask all participants to cover costs of catering for in-person sessions. For this cohort, please be prepared to pay CZK X000 to cover these costs. Payment is due upon acceptance to the program and your confirmation of participation (July 4, 2024).

Past Projects

I Liberate You (2022)


Ready to apply to Sizzle Real Academy 2024?



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